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        Saw blade use matters needing attention
        Time:2016-05-14    Source:Jinghua Tools    Views:1061

        How to correctly use saw blade:

        1, different specifications, and use of saw blade, the design of the Angle of the cutting tools and the matrix form is different, as far as possible according to its use of the occasion.

        2, the equipment of the main shaft and the size and position precision of plywood has a great influence on the use effect, to check and adjust before installation of saw blade.

        3, the watch saw blade work situation, an exception occurs, such as vibration, noise, processing surface material, must stop adjustment in a timely manner, and promptly grinding to keep FengLi.

        4, grinding blade shall not change the original point of view, avoid local heat quenching of the cutting tools, had better ask professional grinding.

        5, temporarily don't saw blade should be hung vertically, avoid long flat, more should not to pile pressure on it, place of the cutting tools to protect, no collision.

        Addr:DanBei Town, Dang Yang City , JiangSu Province  Tel:0511-86345999    
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