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        Multichip chew after sawing wood cutting head eating stern question how to troubleshoot
        Time:2016-05-14    Source:Jinghua Tools    Views:1084

        Said in a previous common problems we have to use the wood/sawing logs multi-disc burning motor, large noise, analyzes the reason of these problems, the solutions are presented.

        Today we will head for the tail gnawing wood happen for analysis.

        Head for the tail gnawing would happen, mainly may be caused by the following reasons.

        1. The feed chain plate and discharging roller chain plate is no longer the same surface (aiming at the condition of the chain plate discharging)

        2. The navigation and a saw blade is no longer the same plane (for navigation of discharging situation)

        3. The navigation slice deformation

        4. The feeding system (chain) and the saw blade is not in the same plane

        5. Navigation shaft bending

        6. Shaft bending

        7.5 generation machine pressure feed wheel bearing broken (shake)

        For these reasons, we need to log more saw feeding system, navigation system, and the voltage is expected to undergo screening system.

        If you have found the above reasons, you can refer to the following scheme for processing

        1. The calibration front-rear chain plate, ensure that in the same plane.

        2. Calibration navigation with saw blade, to ensure that in the same plane.

        3. The navigation slice deformation, please replace the navigation.

        4. The calibration feeding system (chain) and the saw blade, to ensure that in the same plane

        5. Replace the navigation axis

        6. Replace the shaft

        7. Replace the bearing

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